Eroticism Magazine November 2023 Issue!

As I continue to try to get caught up with all of the pending issues. From the October 2023 issue all the way to the June 2024 issue its been an uphill battle doing it alone again. Funny thing is in Mexico I had a mountain of models who wanted to shoot. Then there were the hundreds of models I have shot over the 27 years I lived in Mexico.

Eroticism Magazine November 2023 featuring Cum Junkie Andrea Cardenas from Costa Rica

Unsurprisingly, Shooting with our Covergirl Andrea lasted over a period of years up til the day we were arrested in Mexico for “Eroticism in Public.

Another incredible addition to this November 2023 issue is Dahiana Lopez a Venezuelan Erotic Model in her first and hopefully not her last appearance. One thing that I do love about Texas and Houston in particular are all the Latina Models. I have encountered girls from Mexico, Central America, Colombia and a hell lota Venezuelan sweeties. There is nothing like fucking a Venezuelan girl, they move on your cock like no other.

If you think that Venezuelans are the only Hotties, you are wrong. Just check out the Natural Tits and incredible Ass on Brazilian Erotic model Kenzie Silva. When she showed up for the session there was no need for a wardrobe. OMG, I decided just to let her sexual energy flow and flow it did. I mean can you imagine yourself fucking this cutie from behind holding onto that ass and pulling her harder and harder against you throbing cock.

Kenzie is an incredible model whose mere presence drips of sexuality. By the middle of the shoot this sexy girls pussy was dripping wet, She wanted to masturbate. I tolld her to just go with it and she started fingering her pussy and sticking in 1, 2 then 3 fingers. It took all my self control to not go over and stick my tongue in there.

Here we have Colombian born Karin Ramirez posing for the first time for Erotique Magazine. The Shoot was so explicit it haad to be in our Eroticism Magazine. I loved her small natural tits and incredible shaved pussy. As many know I love a petite girl with a nice tight ass, natural tits and a shaved pussy to lick through 4 orgasms.

Covergirl Andrea Cardenas

So over the years if you’r from Latin America, Mexico in particular you came to know Andrea as the Blowjob Queen or (Reina de Sexo Oral). Now I have been with hundreds of girls in my life. By far I don’t think that Andrea’s best talent was Blowjobs. My absolute best was an asian / african american girl almost 6 feet tall in NYC who was THE BEST at sucking cock. Andrea on the other hand was an incredible fuck doggie style. Whether you are fucking her in the Ass or the Pussy Doggie Style got her juices flowing. Eating her pussy Doggie Style also was an incredible experience. Stick a dildo in her ass and fuck her pussy or the reverse and you will leave her spent.

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